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A new Anthropomorphic Duck-Race for the world's most known RPG

Amidst cold planes, close to frozen shores, live the anaseidos, humanoid feathered creatures with the head of ducks and geese. They were once enslaved by the big lizards and now hold an innate love for freedom.

Are you interested in a new playable race to avoid the stereotypical ones? Do you want to explore more non-classic antropomorphic options? Inclined to be as fierce as goose or use your goose step around?

Then give a try to the Anaseidos as it can be just what you are looking for

Apart from the new character playable race this PDF includes: 3 subrace options 2 Additional Racial Feats 5 New Magical Items

Made using the Open Game License (OGL) and compatible with 5e

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorC. A. Berlitz


Buy Now$2.49 USD or more

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Thank you! Ducks are my fave. Love that this exists and can't wait to read/play.


This is amazing


It took me so long to reply, but it makes me radiant to know that you feel this way about it

It took me just as long to reply to this! Keep up the good work, you are great!